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Custom Hard Hats in Toronto


Some work environments, such as construction sites and other industries, pose numerous risks and hazards that necessitate high-quality head protection. JB Promo offers outstanding custom hard hats for companies and individuals.
We have a wide selection of unique, high-quality hard hats, ensuring that you will find one that meets your specific needs

Benefits of Custom Hard Hats

Promote your business

Customized hard hats have your company’s name and logo that helps promote your business everywhere you go. JB Promo works with companies in all industries looking to market their business.


JB Pomo has a wide selection of hard hats, which provide different types and levels of protection. Depending on your company and occupation we have hard hats that meet your safety requirements. Hard hats provide protection from falling objects, debris, collision and electrical exposure.

Why Choose Us

JB Promo is a premier company that provides customized products for companies and businesses to promote their brand. Our years of experience, expertise, and commitment to deliver uniquely designed products make us the best company to customize your hard hats in Toronto.
We have an array of hard hats, ensuring that you have an easy time getting what you require. After selecting your hard hat, our team works with you to customize it with great designs that meet your needs.

Our clients’ safety comes first. This is why we provide high-quality hard hats to ensure that our customers receive the required level of protection.

If you have any inquiries about custom hard hats in Toronto, contact us today.


Types of Hard Hats You Can Choose

JB Promo offers a diverse collection of hard hats. They are categorized according to the type of protection they provide, as outlined by ANSI and CSA. There are different standards for each category, including dielectric strength, penetration resistance, shell flammability, impact attenuation, and more.

ANSI/CSA Hard Hat Types







ANSI/CSA Hard Hat Classes










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