Custom Promotional Products & Branded Apparel in Toronto and Canada

Why Choose JB Promotions

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our primary focus is to provide you with custom promotional products that emulate your brand and helps it get the attention it deserves. Our services are customer-oriented, enabling us to work closely with you through the design process to achieve promotional items goals

Creativity and Innovation

Customers are attracted to creative and innovative promotional items that are beneficial in their everyday lives. Our team works with you to select trendy and useful products, and designs them creatively to make your brand stand out among rivals.


We have been creating exceptional promotional and marketing products for more than 25 years. This has gained us an insight into what makes brands stand out in promotional marketing in terms of innovative products. Our team comprises dedicated and high-qualified design specialists who work with you to determine the right items to promote your brand.

Endless Possibilities

We have an array of trendy and exquisite promotional items for our clients to choose from. Whatever your idea is, we can bring it to life on any product.


Our team delivers your promotional products as specified, within the given budget, and on-time. Our customer-oriented services are unmatched!

About Us

JB Promotions is a creative branding company in Mississauga, Ontario. As branding experts, we provide unique, high-quality promotional products for companies looking to stand out and create brand awareness within their markets.

We have been providing branded promotional products across Canada for more than 25 years. This means that we understand what you need to help grow your company and products through a more customized and creative style.

Some of the branded promotional items that we specialize in include wearable items, promotional items, Tradeshow displays, decorations, packaging, stationaries, and more. Our team of branding experts work with you to develop the most creative designs on specific products that appeal to your clientele. Even if you have existing designs for promotional products, we can help you make innovative adjustments to enhance your branded products.

JB Promotions understands how hard it can be to get potential clients’ interest in your brand, especially considering the competition in most industries. Although your products and services may be superior, getting clients to recognize your brand's essence may take some innovative methods, such as custom promotional items, which we are experts at creating. Contact us today, and we’ll help you create quality promotional products for your brand.

Custom Promotional Products

If you’re looking for high-quality promotional products for your brand, JB Promotions has a wide selection of items for you to choose from. If you're looking for something completely custom, we can also deliver. We have the expertise, resources, and equipment to create fully customized promotional products that meet your specific requirements and needs. Are you on a tight deadline? Don't panic! We are fast, reliable, and can deliver customized items within tight schedules.

Creative Custom Apparel

We provide corporate wear, uniforms, and any branded promotional apparel that helps market your company. If you’re looking to give away uniquely branded clothes to your clients, for example, t-shirts and baseball caps, we can custom design them. Custom apparel makes a positive impression of your brand and makes it stand out. We will help you find the right item for your promotion as per your budget and needs.

Creative Decoration

When you find the perfect promotional product for your brand, decorating it is key as this determines how you deliver your message to your customers. Your decoration sets your brand's tone, and you want it to be exquisite. Our team works with you to come up with the best decorations to match the selected promotional product. Whether the decorations cover your whole product or are minimalistic is dependent on your promotion and how eye-catching your selected products look. Our team is creative, and they have the most innovative ways to decorate any promotional products. Choose your item, and we’ll make it a success.

Creative Custom Packaging

Clever packaging ideas are a great way to promote your brand and set it aside from the competition. Our team helps you create unique packaging for your promotional items or your daily products. There are various packaging options available, and we can help you customize any of them with creative artwork, catchy messages, and branding that fascinates your customers.

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